Set your goals. Make them measurable and achievable within reasonable time.

You will never regret reaching your goal. You will only regret giving up and not trying harder.


Stay loyal to your goals. It is not gonna happen overnight. It is a process.

Be positive and passionate – commit to be fit!


Success is about being better than you used to be. So think about personal progress and not about being better than someone else.

Strive for progress, not perfection.

The purpose

The purpose of this blog is driven by one thing – fitness motivation.

I am here to encourage you to develop willingness to exercise, become consistent with your fitness plans and choose nutritious food to include in your eating plan.

Take small steps every day and move toward a healthier you.

The Gallery

About Me

Fitness is a part of my every day life. It makes me happier, stronger and more confident.

I did not always feel this way. I started my fitness journey in 2013 and not planning on giving it up.

There is still a lot of improvements to be made and goals to be reached. Outperforming myself is the achievement that motivates me to go on. Becoming fit is not a destination anymore, but a way of life.

  • Fitness Motivation

    There will be times when you will be feeling like giving up.  My purpose is to keep you motivated and inspired with quotes, pictures and video content.

  • Nutritious recipes

    Nutritious is the food, which is whole, minimally processed and therefore healthy. The recipes I post are those to energize you and improve your looks and leave you with the good conscious.

  • Video content

    I will demonstrate training techniques and give you cues of how to execute exercises. Remember, what counts is how many reps you can do while maintaining the right form.

What others say about me

Julia Aleksejeva

I know Marina for many years.

I even remember the day when she decided to sign up for the fitness center.
It definitely became her passion and somehow she transferred her own enthusiasm into me and other common friends of ours (we became members as well).
And I am only thankful for that. I am very glad that she took it further and became an excellent KettleCross instructor.
I can promise you motivating music (no snotty pop songs, sorry…), smiles, not trivial workouts and great focus on the technique.
I give you a burger if you disagree with me 🙂

Julia Aleksejeva
Miki Clemens Ipsen

I’m never bored with my workouts. Marina constantly changes the workout so it fits your level and so it stays challenging and exciting for you and always with a focus on technique to avoid injuries.
With Marina as trainer you will see results and you won’t be disappointed. You will have more energy, sleep better and feel greater overall.
Marina really is a very fit, knowledgeable and dedicated trainer. But she is not only a great trainer she is also a great person with a great personality. With her you feel motivated and in good hands. Her primary focus is you and you can feel it through her guidance, feedback and patience – she wants you to be your best.

Miki Clemens Ipsen
Natalija Aleksandrova

Every training session with Marina is a challenge, which is very important if you want to get in shape. As an instructor, Marina always brings a great variety of workouts to her classes. It never gets boring. A lot of attention is paid to exercise execution and explanation of the technique. Marina believes that it’s a key to success, when working out. She keeps me motivated and I know for sure that she won’t let me quit.

Natalija Aleksandrova
Lars Michael Milo-Sydow

I have had classes instructed by Marina since she was working to become an instructor, and already from the beginning it was easy to feel Marina’s drive and dedication, with every class having a new program so you never knew what to expect – only that it would be challenging, but also fun!
The variety in her classes, for me, means a lot, since doing the same couple exercises will become boring and then lead to quitting, but even with new exercises there’s no time wasted, as she explains and show’s the exercises well and make sure you use proper form – it also shows a deep interest in exercise that really rubs off on you, making you want to become as fit as her.

Lars Michael Milo-Sydow